About Zdenka Sciacca

Social Media Strategist

I started my business with a passion of helping others especially women. My story is not how I made a multimillion business but how I simplified others lives and business by looking at the full picture with real glasses.

When I started working with my first clients, we were not only looking at the social media point of view but discussed the business structure, daily routine at home with the family, the previous life experiences and of course the well being including stress, anxiety, depression and working environment.

Now I work with women in business who struggle trying to figure it all out on their own in making it all work. From overwhelming technology to social media platforms, including personal development. I keep things simple and effective. I always start with what is possible, what is important and what is the plan.

How I Got Started

My Story

Like most entrepreneurs, my first business failed because I spent too much time over-researching, overcomplicating, perfecting and spending time on unimportant things. And like most entrepreneurs, my big fail was a huge win for my current business.

The knowledge I gained gave me an opportunity to explain social media in such a simple way that I was being offered jobs in the park, at playgrounds and everywhere I went. That’s when I realised that I have something unique that people want, and I can charge for it.

I started with small business consulting, and began organising networking events for women in business which gave me the opportunity to learn more about my ideal clients – women and mothers who run their own businesses. Many people told me that I wouldn’t make any money, I was told I would fail. But my gut feeling was there with these entrepreneurial women. I understand their problems, their struggles, and that enables me to find solutions that help them to grow their businesses.

Now I run group coaching weekly sessions for women in business, that have either established business or starting their own. I teach them all aspects of social media, I guide them to grow their inner self confidence and find who they are.

We brainstorm, discuss, network and support each other, and together we are creating better lives for ourselves and our families.

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