What to Post on Social Media for Business

What to Post on Social Media for Business

Coming up with content for social media posting may seem as easy as can be for some, but for many, this topic needs a serious mug of strong coffee and overwhelm be gone to figure it out.

I will make this super simple for you. In this series of 10 guided blog posts, I will walk you through to creating your own Master Social Media Posting Plan. I strongly suggest that you download the working excel sheet {here} and save it on your Google Drive. I use Google Drive to access my planner from anywhere, even from my phone.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

This is my all-time favourite quote credited to Benjamin Franklin.

These few words can be applied to absolutely any area of your life but they apply especially to your social media marketing. Fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants social media marketing won’t get you the consistent results you’re looking for. You’ll waste time, energy, and money, and you’ll find yourself frustrated at your lack of results.

A good plan makes social media posting fun again. Here are 5 reasons why you need to plan your social media content into your Master Social Media Planner.

1. Eliminate writer’s block.

No more sitting in front of your computer confused over what to put on social media.

With a plan – ideally in a calendar format – you’ll know when to mention your holiday specials, promote live events, or tell your followers about your new podcast episodes.

You can also plan out daily themes, similar to the #ThrowbackThursday posts you see on Facebook every week. Choose daily or weekly themes for your posts and the topics and products you’re promoting will simply fall into place.

An example of a weekly theme:

Every day of the week you will dedicate to a different post. Monday can be an inspirational quote. Tuesday you will offer your product. Wednesday you will ask a question and so on.

2. Avoid gaps in posting.

What happens when someone posts daily for two weeks then disappears for a month? Basically, people will forget about them and they’ll have to start from square one to develop those relationships again.

How often you post is entirely up to you but if you know you’ll have spotty internet service while on vacation, plan ahead and either schedule those posts or enlist a virtual assistant to publish posts and engage on your behalf while you’re gone.

Don’t just hope for the best and then be surprised upon your return that your engagement stats have plummeted. Either you are in or on hold or out.

3. Ensure you’re promoting the most important products/offers.

Promoting affiliate offers should definitely be part of your passive income strategy but are you promoting the best products for your audience?

Knowing your ideal audience is paramount to choosing affiliate products but that doesn’t mean promoting everything that comes across your feed. Be choosy and promote something if you would recommend it to your mother and sister. Adding these products to your social media plan allows you to be picky and choose only those programs that will benefit your client.

4. Brand awareness.

Plan out when you want to go live on Facebook so you can promote those events. What will you talk about? Will you host monthly Q&A sessions? If so, when?

You’ll likely come up with dozens of ways to develop your brand awareness and it’s easier to schedule these things on your social media calendar. Not only does it save you from not knowing what to say but your virtual assistant will also be in the loop and can help keep you on track.

5. Social growth.

We all want huge followings on social media and more name recognition but it takes time and patience to grow that following organically.

Yes, there are people who will offer you quick ways to accomplish this (usually by using bots or other unsavoury techniques) but to really get a grip on what your audience needs and wants, you personally have to interact with them to some extent.

Block off time on your calendar to personally interact with your audience, even for 30 minutes a day. Choose a time of day when you KNOW your audience will be online for best engagement. If you want to offer a whitepaper or other treat for your social media audience, adding that to your social media calendar will allow you enough production time as well as promotion time.

Create a buzz about this gift and gain even more followers!

When you have a social media plan in place, you’re taking out all the guesswork of what to post, what to chat about, and what your audience wants to hear from you.

Follow the steps in this planner to get started but keep up that momentum by planning more weeks into the future. As you finish one week, go to the end of your calendar and add another week’s worth of plans. Or get bold and start scheduling a month at a time. No matter how you fit this task into your day, planning your social media will be a lifesaver for you.

Did you download the Master Social Media Planner yet? Download it now, as we are just about to dive straight in.

Let’s start with the first exercise in your Master Social Media Planner and open the tab called GOALS.

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